Sponsorship for a fisherboat



Fishing in Bobrama has a long tradition, but conditions have deteriorated over the years. The problems are diverse: due to commercial overfishing, fish stocks are declining overall. Global warming is driving many swarms to cooler climes. In addition, fishing near the shore does not produce much catch anyway due to the limited range of the hand-made wooden boats. A massive problem is the fact that the fishermen in Bobrama do not have their own boats. Instead, they have to rent fishing boats. These boat rental companies often charge high fees and take a significant portion of the catch as commission, leaving little for self-sufficiency and sales.

Would you like to help improve the lives of fishermen in Bobrama, Ghana while promoting sustainable fishing? Become a sponsor for a fishing boat and support our project to strengthen the local community. Your help can secure the livelihoods of fishermen while protecting the environment.


What to expect:

A personal certificate confirming your tree sponsorship.
Regular updates on the progress of our reforestation projects.
The certainty of actively contributing to protecting the environment and improving living conditions

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