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There are many concepts that unite the vision of Discover Brama.

More than ever, the expansion of the tourism industry has become one of the essential pillars of economic stability, especially in emerging economies. However, current tourism practices need more future-oriented strategies. Simultaneously, women and girls in rural areas in Ghana suffer more from poverty, illiteracy, and violence than men and face limited opportunities for skilled employment and career growth.

In light of these challenges, Discover Brama wants to establish a tourism academy with a partnered sustainable beach resort in Bobrama on the southwest coast of Ghana by 2025. These two concepts are directly interconnected and will offer mutually beneficial advantages, creating exciting opportunities for growth and development.

The Brama Eco Beach Resort is an invitation to luxury and well-being; it offers high-quality facilities like no other beach resort in the region. Its unique selling point is the on-site tourism academy, exclusively designed to empower and uplift young women from the area. The combination of hotel and training centre is an innovative and highly relevant concept that promises true environmental and social sustainability, takes advantage of Ghana’s rapid economic development and advances the Ghanaian government’s stated goal of promoting gender equality. In the long run, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Our tourism academy actively promotes gender equality and women’s advancement by encouraging more young women to attend. This improves young people’s education and career opportunities and creates new prospects in a rapidly expanding industry.

The resort offers a practical approach to learning where acquired knowledge can be directly applied and deepened. We provide individual support, diverse learning opportunities and a respectful interpersonal approach to equip students with skills necessary for achieving their goals and forging their paths to success.

The project also opens up new areas of employment for people in the village of Bobrama. We rely on the skills and services of locals in various fields, which fosters community involvement and generates value. Big plans can only be realised together!

Above all, we want to realise the Brama Tourism Academy through donation-based crowdfunding, as well as those parts of the Brama Eco Beach Resort that are not profit-oriented. These include, for example, the kitchen or the workshop, which are used for teaching purposes, or one of our first sub-projects: the beach cleanup with a recycling station for sea plastic.

Join us and support education and social advancement in Ghana!